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Gain clear insight into your external workforce

Vendor Management System Support

" The road to greater profitability in your VMS business.

   Get more interviews per month, faster candidate submission time, and higher fill rates. "

" We get it. Organizations with VMS business often face several challenges which

are roadblocks to making any VMS business profitable."


Small Profit Margins

You probably work hard to fill job orders through your VMS each month. Unfortunately, the bill rates set by clients are so thin. You are also pressed for time as you fill a staggeringly high volume of job orders, so you still end up with only modest gains.

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Lack of Sourcing and Recruiting Time

Your recruiters have so much on their plate- repetitive, low-value, administrative tasks which are not recruitment-related activities. To meet the high job order volume, your recruiters need to devote ample time to

sourcing and screening candidates.


Lack of Metrics

Studies on VMS use show most firms aren’t reporting on their performance as
much as they’d like. And most of these firms say the lack of metrics hinders their ability to be profitable. Knowing which metrics to use is crucial to VMS success.

" CapTech’s VMS Recruitment Support Service is designed to make your VMS business as profitable and as lucrative as it could be. "


Lower Recruitment Cost

When you factor the recruiter time and resources, recruitments

costs can make your VMS business

unprofitable. Small margins is a bane and requires innovative thinking.  

Engaging a VMS recruiting support provider can help you reduce your recruitment cost by 40% to 60% and thereby

improve margins.


A VMS support team can simplify the processes for you and increases efficiency. Clients demand effectiveness on time and an offshore recruiting firm can help deliver optimum effectiveness through support services.

Get a VMS support team and get access to a talent pool 24/7 and decrease the time it takes to fill job orders.



Assigning sourcing and screening to a VMS support team allows you to focus on other revenue-generating activities.

A VMS partner with a strong understanding and use of recruiting metrics can only result in increased fill rates.

Access to Quality Candidates

Vendor Management System or VMS

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Visibility into your external workforce

VMS, or Vendor Management System, is a cloud-based software platform that solves a common problem for many global enterprises - how to find, engage, and manage its external workforce - both contract or contingent labor and services providers. 

Finding and managing the right mix of labor, however, can be challenging. There are financial, legal, compliance, security, and cost implications to consider, particularly when it comes to employing a flexible, geographically-distributed workforce. Companies that self-administer their extended workforce internally without a VMS can find themselves with administrative and managerial challenges. Workers and labor contractors may be spread across countries or continents with varying compliance and labor laws or spread across company departments with varying internal processes and technologies. With many parties and geographies involved in the talent sourcing, hiring, and on-boarding/off-boarding process, there is vast potential for miscommunication, inefficiency, untracked processes, and little visibility.

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