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Short-Term Recruiting Needs Solved

Project Based Recruiting Process Outsourcing

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A project based RPO solution has a definitive start and stop usually defined by a company initiative such as a product launch, new location, or other similar event that requires the need to hire outside of the typical hiring volume expected.

Rapid growth, either planned or unplanned, can be taxing on your internal human resources and talent acquisition functions. That’s where Capitol Technology Consultants project-based recruitment solutions can make a difference. Our proven ability to fulfill immediate talent acquisition needs.

Our team works with you to identify the hiring needs, time frame and complements your current hiring process to build an optimized solution to source, recruit, and hire new employees.  Like all our solutions, we recruit on your behalf, maintaining a solid employment brand and excellent candidate experience.

What Does a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Project Solution Entail?

For more than 20 years, Advanced RPO’s leaders have developed and refined recruitment process outsourcing and talent acquisition strategies.

Here are a few of our cutting-edge RPO strategies and solutions that we will tailor to your upcoming project’s unique needs:


  • Analysis and planning

  • Determining scope

  • Full Lifecycle Recruiting

  • Leveraging technology/AI

  • Recruitment analytics

  • Employer branding

We continually work to improve each of these solutions according to the latest hiring trends and market demands. 

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Short Term RPO

Project-based RPO is a great model to use if your company wants to continue in-house recruitment processes for daily hiring and wants to bring in outside recruitment muscle for specific projects.

This is a perfect recruitment solution to support business initiatives such as product launches, contracts, specific jobs, and more. Project-based RPO is ideal for short term hiring needs with defined goals within a specific scope and timeline. It can also be used to test-drive RPO and determine if outsourcing is a good fit with current corporate practices.

There are some incredible benefits of utilizing project-based RPO services: you gain a team onboard with extensive knowledge of highly specialized projects. They can guide your success with management, compliance, and the short time-to-hire needed to get the project off the ground at top speed.

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Flexible Recruiting Solution

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